Please visit all of these pages to fully understand how WORLD CLASS RESORT VACATIONS can change your vacation future! Please then return to the Home page to discover how you can EARN WITH US!Note: This is an information site only. The private Website for our WORLD CLASS Travelers is: www.worldclassresortvacations.net

Vacation Like You’re Rich, Only Smarter!

This is our slogan and our mission for YOU. Can you imagine being able to vacation - anytime you wish - at luxury Resorts that are near your home or around the world; and more affordable to you than a Motel 6? Can you imagine taking family, or a group of friends, for an entire week for as little as $200 for everyone? This can be your vacation future with us! Great vacations are memories that we hold for a lifetime! And we all vacation sooner or later, don’t we? Hotels cost a lot more, and there is nothing to do once you’re in the room! You won’t be staying with family or friends any longer either! Now you will be able to bring them along with you - because Resort accommodations, with separate bedrooms, can be found for as many as 10 people! Huge savings on airfares, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and more awaits you! In order to fully understand all the value and the benefits of WORLD CLASS RESORT VACATIONS, please see all pages within this part of our Website.

This can be a life-changing luxury vacation System. Learn about us, and then find out how to join us!

 We are a private membership, internet-based system that places you in control of your vacations from this day forward! Once you are a WORLD CLASS Traveler with us, you will have your very own private codes to our proprietary website to create your own perfect vacations. You determine the locations, activities, features, amenities… everything that you desire!

Now you will be able to vacation every year in class and luxury because it is so affordable! How? You can choose a Resort within a close drive from your home; one with great free activities and a full kitchen (you just bring the groceries!); AND one with our incredible “insider pricing” as low as $200 for the week- FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!* Luxury can be this affordable!


WCResorts are 3-, 4-, and 5-star quality WCResort vacations are 8 days and 7 nights
WC Access to thousands of luxury Resorts WC In the U.S., Caribbean, around the World
WC Relaxing island locations, mountain resorts, exciting cities, golf resorts, and much more

WC Villas, Suites, Chalets, Townhouses, Condos, Hotel-style, Apartment-style, and even Log Cabins


WC You choose where and when to vacation. You create your own dream vacations WC Incredible wholesale “insider pricing” as low as $200 per vacation!*

*This is not timeshare: there are no exchange fees, “maintenance” dues, or taxes! *Insider Pricing is up to 80% less than retail travel agencies charge for luxury resorts! *These Resort Vacations, with our "insider pricing”, are NOT available to the public!

Also found on our Private WORLD CLASS Website : * Huge discounts on airfare, hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages, and more * Our “Travel Shop” includes links to a variety of travel-related providers: luggage and jewelry wholesalers, passport services, travel insurance, and more * Our friendly support staff is always available by email and phone.



WORLD CLASS RESORT VACATIONS is part of an international System that began development many years ago. There is a tremendous amount of financial power that comes from thousands of “travelers” taking advantage of this amazing System. We call this PURCHASING POWER! We have agreements and contracts in place with major providers in the resort and travel industries. Resort companies have always placed great importance on utilizing as many of its accommodations as possible throughout the year ; and resorts find that there is typically a significant quantity of “vacation weeks” that are not filled by the traditional methods. So, resorts place their available vacation weeks, called “inventory”, into this System. This includes “vacation inventory” in all seasons and throughout the world! Our WORLD CLASS Travelers then have private access to these vacation weeks , which are at incredible insider prices (see other parts of this Website for examples). So, the end result is truly a win-win for all. The resort industry wins because it fills a lot more of its accommodations far faster and more often. YOU win with out-of-this-world pricing, and the complete freedom to choose where , when, and how often to vacation! Please note that the general public does NOT have access to this System or the insider pricing. Your vacation future is about to change…


WCHOW TO Vacation like you’re rich, only smarter! WC

We all vacation sooner or later, and we want the best deal we can find... So imagine that you can now have both Resort luxury AND tremendous savings… The choice is yours…..

WC Stay with Family or Friends (Been there, done that!) WC Hotels: $100 -$325 per night (in quality vacation locations) This averages $ 1,475 per week make the $1,475 larger than above #’s WCWORLD CLASS RESORT VACATIONS Our average is $ 435 per week ! (Even Motels are not much less..”) (Our “Resort Week Specials” are as low as $200 per week!)*

How to save $10,000 WC  Step #1: Enjoy 10 WORLD CLASSRESORT VACATIONS Step #2: 10 x $1,000 per vacation = $10,000 saved ! (Assuming the average savings is $1,000 per week when compared to hotels as shown above)

  • Add more savings if you often choose our “Resort Week Specials”!
  • Add more savings when you choose a Resort with a full kitchen and free activities!
  • Add more savings with great discounts on airfare, car rentals, and more!
  • *The figures on this page are based on research, findings, or examples at a specific time only